While the praise below is welcome, the most important “review” of this book was
the fact that German scholars insisted it be translated and published in German.

 (from the rear dust jacket)
Praise for The Nietzsche Canon:

“The Nietzsche Canon offers a fascinating picture of Nietzsche as an author dealing with his publishers – and in the context of a very different publishing world from today’s. In view of the sometimes obsessive care with which Nietzsche tried to guide his works into print, one has to respect the distinction – so often ignored – between his published and unpublished writings. Schaberg’s account conveys a vivid sense of the effect on Nietzsche of the lamentably meager sales during his lifetime of the books he wrote.”

Graham Parkes, University of Hawaii

“This book is a slice of Nietzsche biography that is broad and deep. It should appeal to everyone with an interest in Nietzsche.”

Laurence Lampert, Indiana University